مارس 2020
Expert Author Erin Heaven
When I was five, I started having strange experiences of being tormented by low vibration entities. I would "see" blobs of dark energy that radiated feelings of anger and fear. I would feel them before I even entered a room. Sometimes shapes would be inhabited by a seemingly dark presence. One time a school uniform hung up on the closet door seemed alive and I was so terrified I couldn't move.
Strange events occurred that I still can't explain. I remember going into my mother's room one night and looking at her class wine cask that had long-held all her lose change. I felt compelled to turn the spigot and water poured out into my hand! I thought I must be imagining it so I went into the bathroom and turned on the light and my hand was indeed wet. I ran my fingers over it. I could actually feel it! I knew this to be impossible because the wine cask was old and had been bone-dry before my mother put any coins into it. There was no water in it at all and the next day when I looked at in the light, it was still bone dry!
An even more unexplainable incident occurred when I was lying on the floor by my bedroom door. I saw my mother come out of the kitchen and go into the open bathroom and shut the door. I sat there watching and a minute later my mother came from the kitchen and walked past the still-closed bathroom door into her bedroom and shut the door. I was terrified!
These incidents were completely unexplainable but instilled a sense of terror in me. And there were much worse happenings. I would see teddy bears turn their heads to look at me and grow fangs at night. I would see burned people walking towards me coming from my mother's closet. I lived in a constant state of terror.
In investigating cases like this over the years I've come to learn that many people have similar experiences and the more profound experiences are usually had by people with some psychic ability. This is why children almost universally fear the dark and have experiences like this. Very few adults continue to experience these things but those that do generally seem to have clairvoyant abilities. I had these experiences all my life.
One of the amazing things I've learned from being tormented by entities is that we have power over them. This is a secret they don't want us to know. This is one of the reasons they torment us as children. If they can dominate us in infancy, they can subjugate us for life. These beings feed off emotions of fear and anger. If we are tormented as children, when we are at our most vulnerable, we are raised to think that they are more powerful. This is just not the case. In my experience we can take back our power.
Erin Heaven is a Clairvoyant Healer assisting people around the world to reclaim their lives and live it more fully. Having pronounced psychic abilities from the age of 2, she has over 34 years experience using her psychic abilities to help others.
Using clairvoyant abilities to see the blocks in your chakras and energy field right over the phone, Erin is so confident in her ability to help you, as she's done with hundreds of people from around the world, that she offers a Money Back Guarantee!
Expert Author Erin Heaven
Why is it that famous actors receiving a 7-figure salary still have to go to casting calls before they are given the part, but healers and clairvoyants often expect you to pay them to experience what they do without any guarantee? Healers are a lot like actors. We have a very important role to play and all of us play it a bit differently. Should a potential client have to pay one healer after the next just to find one that is a good 'fit'? This could cost thousands of dollars and offer no results. I submit that if famous actors and celebrities making millions of dollars a film, should have to demonstrate their ability before being hired, so should we humble healers!
There are several key factors you should look for when deciding to work with a healer. These guidelines will help ensure that your healer is a good match for you and will help ensure that you don't get taken advantage of through your fear, desperation, and hope!
  • Information: Make sure that the healer's information on their website or fliers doesn't sound too good to be true. They should not be claiming to heal you or offer you "divine miracles". They should state what they do and what others have experienced, but make no promises that you will receive the same results. The words they use should not feed on a person's gullibility or desperation and suggest that the only hope you have is offered through them. You should feel excited by what you read and be hopeful, but not to the point where you think you should pay thousands of dollars to receive what they offer.

  • Testimonials: A skilled healer, like a talented actor, should have a 'resume' of work they've done before. The more happy clients they have, the better your chance will be that the healer might be a good fit for you and you will find results. But testimonials alone aren't enough!

  • Money Back Guarantee: A healer who is confident in their ability will offer some kind of guarantee. Their focus shouldn't be about making money off of desperate people. It should be to work with people to assist them and to have people go off better off than when they came! These healers aren't out to feed off of your desperation and aren't looking for gullible people to take advantage of.

  • Price: Unlike stars demanding 7 figure salaries for their work, a healer should have a moderate fee. It should be high enough to reflect their expertise and happy clients, and should be enough to cover their time and energy, but not so much that it puts you into debt! A healer should have some type of program to help people pay for sessions, such as a referral program, or other ways for them to have free or discounted services. Otherwise it is a good possibility their main objective is money, not healing.

  • Humility: They should have a sense of humility and service and not brag about their amazing ability and all they've accomplished. You should not feel indebted to them. They should respect you enough to discuss any issues you might have or take the time to answer your questions within your session perimeter. They should not avoid your questions or act like you are stupid for asking them. If you feel overpowered, dominated, or controlled by them, this is not a good situation for you. A healer that understands that they are a channel for the Divine and are assisting you in healing (not taking credit for the healing) is usually a good fit.

  • Type of Healing: You should feel drawn to their type of healing and it should be a form of healing that involves you personally. Clairvoyant healers tell you what you are holding onto and what events, memories, emotions, and beliefs are blocking your chakras and energy. You are involved personally and are the one who is responsible to release these things. It is a choice you make which empowers you to step into new energy. When a practitioner puts energy in or takes energy out, you are not involved personally and are not making the choice to release what you have created, therefore you will often put it right back in. Work with a practitioner that understands Free Will and wants to empower you to do the releasing and you will find it far more effective than the ones who think they are the ones doing all the healing!

  • Number of Sessions: There should be a reasonable number of sessions required for people to really notice a difference. If a type of healing requires that you continue having dozens of sessions year after year, it should be reevaluated. If a healer suggests you need only a few sessions to really notice a difference, then they are not trying to turn you into a "cash crop" and rely on your continual patronage. This will likely be a better fit for you.

  • Truth and Integrity: Find a healer that is working in truth and integrity and isn't afraid of sharing their opinions or information with you. If your healer wont offer a personal opinion or only tells you what you want to hear, they are doing their best to keep you coming back and are thinking about their pockets and not your progress. Find a healer who will tell you the things you don't want to face. Facing these things, and releasing them, is what is going to make a real difference in your healing!
Expert Author Erin Heaven
Lately I've been doing a lot of healings and I often encounter people with their auras somewhat aligned to the left or right side of the person. In talking to the Creator I've discovered that this is telling me when a person is focused on the past or future, their aura changes its position to represent where a person is projecting themselves. For me, if a person is projecting themselves into the future and they are facing me, their aura is shifted to their left. If they are projecting into the past, it is shifted to the right.
Today I did a healing on a client who had the most dramatically-aligned aura I have ever seen. It was completely shifted all the way to their left! When I questioned her I found that she has no memory of a large part of her childhood. She was so focused on forgetting events in her life that her aura literally pulled away from the past and wasn't even encompassing her Energetic Bodies at all! This is not a natural state for people to be in. Animals don't exist in the future or the past. They stay grounded in Present Time and their auras always center around them perfectly.
As Spiritual Beings we must remain in Present Time in order to take advantage of the moment. It is within Present Time that we realize our power to Manifest and create our Reality. I was told that while we are in Present Time, we are in the Presence of the Creator. I found this to be true for me. When I'm giving a reading, I have to be in Present Time. The information I get is clear and comes from the Creator. This is why I have such success with what I do.
Another aspect of auric healing is to repair tears and holes. Tears are most often caused when one is attacked by another person, either physically, emotionally, or energetically. Holes are often caused by criticism and judgement.
After today's healing I realized something I hadn't put together before. When I see damage on a particular side of the aura, its telling me when the damage occurred. For my client today, her holes were largely a part of her childhood. The other side of her aura was clear! I'm excited about learning this today as it is a remarkable tool for healing and growth.
Part of my job as a Healer is to realign the aura to the body. Since the aura is an energetic filter and helps to keep out other people's energies and emotions from entering the Energetic Bodies, it is essential that the aura be properly maintained and aligned. When my clients experience a healing, they almost universally feel clearer, centered, balanced and full of positive energy. They become lighter and more clearly feel the Presence of Creator. Having an aura that is properly aligned and repaired is key in producing a profound effect and in keeping that new state from reverting to older expressions.
I strongly encourage other healers to pay close attention to the aura of the person they are healing and not to become focused on just unblocking chakras or cutting psychic cords. The aura is often overlooked by healers and its value is greatly underestimated!
Erin Heaven is a Clairvoyant Healer assisting people around the world to reclaim their lives and live it more fully. Having pronounced psychic abilities from the age of 2, she has over 34 years experience using her psychic abilities to help others.
Using clairvoyant abilities to see the blocks in your chakras and energy field right over the phone, Erin Heaven helps you to release them and free yourself from the burdens that are blocking your life. She is so confident in her ability to help you, as she's done with hundreds of people from around the world, that she offers a Money Back Guarantee!